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Polaris RZR Turbo XP (2019) Snorkel

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Please be aware, due to high demand all Triangle ATV Snorkel kits currently have a 3 to 4 week lead time.



Great care has been taken to find the best quality parts to achieve superior performance from this Snorkit. This kit was developed using a true dual 2" riser setup to the air box intake that provides a full 4" of cold air intake to the engine and dual 2" risers for the (1) belt intake & (1) exhaust, 6 fabricated steel riser plates to hold the risers firmly in position behind the driver and passenger seats. During the design and testing phase of this kit, the snorkel experts at Triangle ATV test air flow requirements for the air box and CVT system to ensure the air flow meets or exceeds the factory requirements so your UTV will perform at its optimum level. The Snorkit system provides the proper air flow volume for instantaneous spooling of the RZRs Turbo system. With this kit you will find all the necessary parts and instructions to protect vital systems including:

  • Air box
  • Belt housing (CVT)
  • Fuel tank
  • Differentials
  • Transmission
  • Coolant Overflow bottle
  • Electrical components

    Some of the features incorporated into this model of Snorkit include:
  • (4) 2” Sch. 40 PVC Risers
  • (6) Custom fabricated steel riser mounting adapters
  • Custom fabricated steel Air box adapter plate for dual intakes, providing 4” Cold Air Intake
  • Custom fabricated steel Belt exhaust adapter plate (allows for reuse of OEM exhaust fitting) 
  • Multilayer, coextruded, polyethylene snorkel hose with a wire reinforcing coil (LIFE TIME WARRANTY) 
  • All necessary vent bellows to allow for air expansion and contraction on transmission & differentials.
  • All necessary check valves and tubing necessary to allow fuel overflow and venting of the UTV’s fuel system while keeping it water tight. 
  • All items necessary to help protect vital electrical components on the UTV and detailed video instructions showing how to apply them.
  • Crankcase vent reroute system to help prevent water intrusion into engine oil (milking).
  • Air box drain assembly
  • All steel plates are designed using the latest CAD systems and cut using Professional CNC WaterJet technology. Triangle ATV’s riser plate designs are the highest quality products in the ATV/UTV snorkel industry, second to none. With our kit you will NOT be mounting your riser systems with zip ties.

The Snorkit comes with a detailed instructional video which walks through each aspect of the installation process. It should be noted that this kit requires trimming of the factory plastic in order to achieve installation. As with all Snorkits this purchase will come with the full technical support of the snorkel experts at Triangle ATV! The price Difference is in the Quality.

Please be aware, there are NO RETURNS on Snorkel's.

2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP EPS
2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP S
2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP LE
2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP 4 EPS
2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP 4 LE
2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP 4 S

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