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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom UTVs

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom UTVs

Oct 10th 2022

At Side by Side Garage, we get many questions about custom UTVs. This blog post will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about custom UTVs. Whether you are thinking about customizing your UTV or have already started customizing your UTV, this blog post is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom UTVs

What is a Custom UTV?

Custom UTV is a utility task vehicle customized to the owner's specific preferences. This can include everything from adding aftermarket parts and accessories to completely changing the vehicle's look with a new paint and body kit.

Why should I customize my UTV?

There are many reasons why people choose to customize their UTVs. Some people do it for practical reasons, such as wanting to add a winch or better lighting so they can use their UTV for off-road driving. Others do it for aesthetic reasons, such as wanting to change the look of their UTV or make it more unique. Others do it for both practical and aesthetic reasons. No matter what your reasons are, customizing your UTV can be a fun and rewarding experience.

How do I customize my UTV?

The best way to customize your UTV is to work with a professional with customization experience. At Side by Side Garage, we have a team of experts who can help you customize your UTV exactly the way you want it. We can also provide you with the parts and accessories needed to complete your project.

How much does it cost to customize a UTV?

The cost of customization will vary depending on the extent of the customization and the parts and accessories used. To get an accurate estimate, we recommend working with a professional with customization experience. Side by Side Garage offers free consultations so that we can give you an accurate estimate for your project.

Can I customize my own UTV?

Yes, you can customize your UTV if you have the time, knowledge, and tools necessary. However, we recommend working with a professional to get the best results possible. Customizing a UTV is not a simple task, and it is important to ensure that everything is done correctly to avoid any problems down the road.

What kind of modifications can I make to my UTV?

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your UTV. You can add more prominent tires and wheels for improved traction and stability. You can install a lift kit to increase ground clearance. You can even add a winch, roof and many more UTV parts! The possibilities are endless, so it's really up to you to decide what kind of customizations will suit your needs best.

Will I void my warranty if I customize my UTV?

This is a common question, but the answer isn't quite so black and white. In some cases, yes, customization will void your warranty. However, this isn't always the case. It depends on the types of modifications you plan on making and whether or not they are included in the warranty. As always, it's best to consult your dealer or warranty provider before making any changes to your vehicle.

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What Kind of Tires Do I Need?

The type of UTV tires you need will depend on where and how you plan to use your UTV. If you use it mainly on the trails, you will want to get some off-road tires. These tires have more tread and are designed for better grip and traction in rough terrain. If you are using your UTV mostly on the mud, or sand you will want to get some mud or sand tires.

What About Lift Kits and Other Accessories?

Another common question we get asked is about lift kits and other accessories. Lift kits can be a great addition if you plan on doing any off-roading with your UTV. They will give you more clearance over obstacles and make navigating rough terrain easier. As for other accessories, many options are available depending on your needs and wants. Check out must have UTV accessories and SXS upgrades Some popular choices include winches, CB radios, roofs, doors, and gun racks.

How do I know what parts and accessories will work with my UTV?

The process of customizing a UTV can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Our team of experts is always here to help you choose the right parts and accessories for your ride. We'll work with you to understand your model and goals for customization and make recommendations based on that information. We offer a wide variety of universal UTV parts and accessories compatible with most makes and models of UTVs.

Where can I find more information about customizing my UTV?

If you have additional questions about customizing your UTV, our Side By Side Garage team would be happy to guide you! Visit our website or give us a call at 816-616-9946 today!