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10 Best UTV Trails In West Virginia

10 Best UTV Trails In West Virginia

Aug 14th 2022

West Virginia is a state where you can experience the ultimate thrill. Whether on one of its many lakes or through some rough terrain, there are plenty of exciting things to explore in this state. There's no denying that this mountain state is a dream come true for anyone who loves adventures. Still, many people are unaware of the fact that West Virginia is an incredible UTV and off-roading destination.

These ten selected trails will take you on some of the most scenic and exciting adventures imaginable. Check it out!

1. Bearwallow Trail System

The Bearwallow Trail System may be one of the most scenic and challenging trails in all of West Virginia. The terrain ranges from novice-level paths for those who want an easier ride to expert-level courses that challenge even professional UTV drivers. The best thing about Bearwallow State Park is that it has everything you need for an adventure. You can find accommodations, food, and fuel along the way too! Nearly any vehicle type will be welcome, including ORVs, ATVs and motorcycles. So get ready for an exciting time with friends!

Location: Logan, WV

Distance: 22,400 acres (35 sq. miles)

Terrain: Loose dirt, rock, hills

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, 4X4s

Experience Level: Beginner

2. Buffalo Mountain

The trails at Buffalo Mountain are some of the most difficult in this area, so if you're looking for a challenging adventure, these 100 miles are perfect. You can find deep forests and windy bends when traveling on single tracks that lead to beautiful scenery of waterfalls and mountains. This trail is a popular choice for riders from all over the country. It's not just about scenic views, but also three different communities that offer lodging and dining options to keep you camped out and ready for Round 2!

Location: Delbarton, WV

Distance: 9,600 acres (15 sq. miles)

Terrain: Hard rock, trees, steep hills, water crossings

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, 4X4s

Experience Level: Beginner

3. Pinnacle Creek

The Pinnacle Creek Trailhead, part of the Hatfield McCoy system, has approximately 80 miles that connect with Indian Ridge Warrior and Pocahontas trails. It's one of the best West Virginia UTV trails because it offers adrenaline-charged trailing through amazing forest scenery with access of white water rafting for those who love it. There are plenty of parking spaces for cars, bathrooms, and a staff office that provides permits. You can find fuel stations along the trail with food options too.

Location: Pineville, WV

Size: 6,400 acres (10 sq. miles)

Style: Rocks, trees, packed dirt

Machines: ATVs, UTVS, dirt bikes

Experience Level: Intermediate

4. Indian Ridge Trailhead

Indian Ridge Trailhead is a hidden gem among the Hatfield McCoy beaten paths. It consists of 63 miles of scenic mountain trails with intermediate obstacles that will challenge even experienced adventurers. The only drawback of this trail is that you can't obtain a permit on-site, and there is no access to lodging, food, or fuel. However, the park connects to the Pinnacle Trail for food, stay, and fuel stops.

Location: Bluefield, WV

Size: 14.3 sq. miles

Style: Trees, mud, hard pack dirt, large jumps

Machines: ATVs, UTVS, dirt bikes

Experience Level: Intermediate

5. Mountwood Park

Mountwood Park is a 23-mile-long expanse of West Virginia hills and pathways, which can be explored by all sorts, from beginner riders to those who are more advanced. There's plenty here for everyone. There are enough options for campers at this location. Some offer RV hook-ups and tent sites that give you access to the trails, which we think is fantastic!

Location: Waverly, WV

Size: 23 sq. miles

Style: loose surface, mud, hills

Machines: UTVs, dirt bikes, ATVs

Experience Level: Intermediate

6. Little Coal River

Little Coal River is a unique and stunning park in Lincoln County. This area has outstanding topography, river scenery, and mountain terrain for UTV riders – like the best West Virginia trails do! The Hatfield/ McCoy system also connects here, so check out if you’re interested.

Location: Charleston, WV

Size: 10,880 acres(12 sq. miles)

Style: steep hills, hard rocks

Machines: UTVs, dirt bikes, ATVs, 4×4

Experience Level: Beginner

7. Burning Rock Off-road Park

The ATV trails at Burning Rock are some of the best in West Virginia, with 100 miles worth available to riders. The park is only three and a half miles away from Sophia, so it's easy to reach. Whether you're looking for a fun day out with the family or just want some fresh air and a ride full of adventure, there are plenty of things at this off-road park that will suit everyone. This off-road park has a good selection of on-site accommodation options and an on-site general store. They also organize some fantastic annual events. Definitely a must visit place for off-roaders!

Location: Tams, WV

Size: 15.5 sq. miles

Style: loose surface, mud, hills, rock

Machines: UTVs, dirt bikes, ATVs

Experience Level: Intermediate



This new trail system is located near the beautiful town of Bramwell. It allows you to connect with three other great riding destinations: Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge, and Warrior Systems. All are within reach and can enhance your UTV experience. The trails here are challenging, but the views and adventure make it worth every step.

Location: Bramwell, WV

Size: 57 sq. miles

Style: Trees, steep hills, loose dirt, mud

Machines: ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes

Experience Level: Intermediate

9. Warrior Trail System

Head to the most southern city in West Virginia, the City of War. Here you will find these trails, which are great for easy riding with scenic views that offer an exciting take on scenery. This trail system also leads you to the ATV-friendly city of Gary and connects with Pinnacle Creek, Pocahontas, or Indian Ridge.

Location: War, WV

Size: 4,000 acres (6 sq. miles)

Style: Hard-packed dirt, rocks, trees

Machines: ATVs, UTVS, dirt bikes

Experience Level: Intermediate


10. RockhouseTrail System

If you're looking for a fantastic trail system to explore, you need to check out the Rockhouse Trail System! This trail system is extensive and offers something for everyone, from beginner riders to experts. This trail system is for all levels of UTV riders, with an almost perfect mix, with 31% easy trails and 29% moderately-difficult challenges. It also caters to more advanced riders looking for "extreme" off-road experiences. With so many trails to choose from, you'll never get bored!

Location: Man, WV

Size: 12,800 acres (20 sq. miles)

Style: Rocks, trees, loose dirt

Machines: ATVs, UTVS, dirt bikes

Experience Level: Beginner

West Virginia is an excellent place for outdoor adventures. As you can see, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System covers thousands of miles and has lots to offer in terms of terrain, from rugged mountains down to fields with excellent hiking opportunities. These 10 are just some examples, as there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing which trail you want to explore!

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