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10 Best UTV Trails in Missouri

10 Best UTV Trails in Missouri

Aug 29th 2022

If you're looking for some serious off-road action, look no further than Missouri. It is no surprise that Missouri has some of the best UTV trails in America. From lush forests and open expanses of land to tight mountainsides filled with rugged terrain - there is something perfect to fit your taste. Here are ten great UTV trails in Missouri where off-road riders can get their heart rates pumping at top speed.

Chadwick OHV Trail

Chadwick OHV Trail in the Mark Twain National Forest is a perfect place for riders of all levels. This system consists mainly of forested hollows, long ridge tops, and rock surfaces. There are also full-loop ride conditions with casual and advanced adventures for those who want more from their day out on two/four wheels. Apart from this, several campgrounds in the Ozarks National Forest offer primitive and RV camping and picnic tables.

Location: Chadwick, MO

Distance: 80 miles of trails

Terrain: Rocks, trees, steep hills

Machine: ATVs, Cycles, Dirt Bikes, UTVs (50-inch)

Experience Level: Intermediate, Advanced

St. Joe State Park

The Missouri UTV and ATV trail system in Park Hills, MO, is one of the biggest circuits around, with almost 3 thousand acres to explore. It has multiple trailheads that offer different riding styles for every type of adventure seeker. The appeal of this park is undeniable. The four lakes within the boundaries allow swimming, fishing, and other water-based activities while also being great spots for nature lovers to enjoy a picnic or campfire under the stars!

Location: Park Hills, MO

Distance: Nearly 2,000 acres

Terrain: Forests, sand, hills, mud

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes (4x4s and dune buggies allowed on designated trails)

Experience Level: Intermediate

Smurfwood Trails

With its mix of terrain, the Smurfwood Trails in Canton, Missouri, is an excellent place for Side-By-Side fans. You can find timber passes, fields, and mud bogs (which are perfect if you like sludgy trucks). The hills provide some excellent climbing action! However, nothing over 64 inches will fit through these gates, so make sure your vehicle fits before you go.

Location: Canton, MO

Distance: 20 miles of trails

Terrain: Trees, dirt, mud

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes (nothing wider than 64")

Experience Level: Beginner, intermediate

Brick's Off-Road Park

Riding at Brick's Off-Road Park is the best way to enjoy Missouri's natural beauty. This haven for road enthusiasts and rock crawlers has everything you could want in your outdoor experience. Plus, with camping permits included in ride packages, it will be easy to find a spot where you can stay.

Location: Poplar Bluff, MO

Distance: 1 sq mile

Terrain: Loose terrain, mud, rocks, water

Machine: ATVs, Dirt Buggies, Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVs

Experience Level: Beginner, intermediate

Rush Springs Ranch

Rush Springs Ranch is a beautiful place to explore in the Ozark mountains. This UTV trail system has everything from easy-going landscaping to intense rock crawling trails and even some cabins that can be rented! There's also a campground with picnic pavilions and shower houses, so everyone will have something they want while visiting this beautiful place called "Rush Spring."

Location: Pineville, MO

Distance: 75 miles of trails

Terrain: Trees, sand, mud, steep hills

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4x4s, dune buggies

Experience Level: Beginner, intermediate

Cloud 9 Ranch

Cloud 9 Ranch is a picturesque ranch with miles of trails perfect for off-roading. There are wooded paths, dirt roads, rocky patches to explore, and amenities such as camping spots or cabin rentals if you want to get away from it all! There are plenty of amenities available if you want some outdoor fun, too, like fishing trips through local parks nearby.

Location: Caulfield, MO

Distance: 170 miles

Terrain: Trees, water crossings, dirt, rocks

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes

Experience Level: Beginner

Finger Lakes State Park

If you are looking for an open area to ride your UTV, this is one place near Columbia, Missouri, with some great features. This 70-mile circuit in Columbia includes a twisting trail with forest, water crossings, and mud. They also have plenty of motocross tracks for those who want more challenging adventures. It also has plenty of other ride locations for people ranging from beginners to more experienced riders that want some spice! There are 36 campsites available where you can camp out under the stars.

Location: Columbia, MO

Distance: 70 miles of trails

Terrain: Trees, dirt, steep hills, water crossings

Machine: ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes (nothing wider than 50")

Experience Level: Beginner, intermediate

Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch

SMORR has miles of mapped trails with both rugged and casual ride conditions in Seymour, Missouri. The trails include difficult and casual stretches with ratings ranging from one (easy) to six(utterly deranged). The variety in this park ranges from easy slopes that are good for newbies and experienced riders to challenging courses. They have camping available if needed (perfect after those long days exploring), plus shower facilities & cabin rentals too.

Location: Seymour, MO

Distance: 50 miles

Terrain: Trees, steep hills, mud, water crossings

Machine: UTVs, 4x4x, dune buggies

Experience Level: All

Sugar Camp Scenic Byway

The Sugar Camp Scenic Byway is a must-see for anyone who enjoys off-roading with beautiful views of nature. This UTV trail offers you about two to three hours of scenic views and ample opportunity for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, or just relaxing under an umbrella tree while sipping on your favorite drink!

Location: Eagle Rock, MO

Distance: 28 miles of trails

Terrain: Trees, dirt

Machine: ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4x4s

Experience Level: All

Hooter Holler Off-Road Park

The Hooter Holler Off-Road Park is a 500-acre rustic compound that will test your skills and abilities in all sorts of off-road terrain, from wooded trails to mud pits. If you're looking for some high-intensity action, there's no place like here. There's plenty to do here, including primitive camping, swimming, and hiking. The area has year-round activities for visitors who want an adventure in the great outdoors!

Location: Mountain Grove, MO

Distance: 25 miles of trails

Terrain: Forest, hills, mud, rocks, water

Machine: ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Dune Buggies, 4x4s, UTVs

Experience Level: All

Final Words!

There's something for everyone when you visit Missouri! Beginners and experienced riders alike will enjoy any of these trails. However, be prepared to give it your all on whichever trail you try. They aren't easy trips, so ensure everything is in order before going into them.

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